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Buy your voucher here for a one-time booking in one of our hotels or buy a subscription for free hotel nights during a whole year, as often as you like. 

That is advantageous when traveling! 

You can redeem your voucher directly when booking your favorite hotel. The room price then goes to € 0.00

Hotel voucher

One voucher to book a hotelroom for free One voucher to book a hotelroom for free


Where can use the voucher
If you find your favorite hotel just fill out your voucher code and the room price will be set to zero! Now that's exciting!
Is the room free?
Yes, there will be no charge for your hotel room.
Do I need a voucher?
Yes, without a voucher you pay the normal price in the hotel
What's in the voucher included?
One voucher will give you the option for one booking in one of our hotels
What's in the Annual subscription included?
With your Annual subscription you can book more hotel rooms during one year!


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